Renting an apartment – often seen tricks

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Persons wishing to rent apartment to someone looking to get as much as possible and, therefore, you should know how to guard against the greed of some less honest landlords who may wish to tear off as much as possible giving us false information.

x-ray delta one / photo on flickr

x-ray delta one / photo on flickr

One of the basic tricks based on the word-keys is the good location. Generally referred to this case an apartment is in the city center, close to major transport links and facilities. Location  can be quite convenient, but do not forget that this carries also some problems. The largest of them is the noise. Not only  busy streets, but also the nearby entertainment venues and outdoor events.  We may need to deal with noise on the weekends, but be aware that some of us work on Saturdays and Sundays. Such people would do well to examine the meaning of the term “good location”.

Technical condition of the building may be also often a false. Sometimes it manifests itself clearly in the aesthetics of the premises and the cracks and stains on the walls. If we do not mind that; there is no problem, although there is nothing in the way to negotiate a discount because of this. Much worse if the apartment is poorly completed. It is best to see the flat and take with you someone who knows it and will know what to look for and what to check.

You should also pay attention to the plan of the apartment and its equipment. This house is for the people and not the other way around. Everything should be convenient and accessible, and even pillbox can be pretty and practical planned. It is worth to make sure that the windows are on both sides of the apartment. This facilitates ventilation and prevents a situation where we have no sunshine in our apartment. If we are non-smokers, we should not take the apartment after people who smoked. You will never get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke and it will be a problem for us for a long time. Of course, every apartment has some drawbacks and some can be simply lived with. You should, however, try to negotiate a price reduction pointing to some of inconvenience. This allows us to rent an apartment for a lot less money than originally estimated the value of these owners.


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