Rent an office in a nutshell.

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People running their own businesses are often faced with the need to open an office or commercial premises service, which first must be rented. These days are especially popular premises located in shopping malls, which are objects attractant whole lot of potential customers.

paul bica / photo on flickr

paul bica / photo on flickr

At the conclusion of the contract should pay attention to several key issues, most important of which is the deadline for the apartment for our use. Keep in mind that for a trader every day that it is closed, is associated with a loss of potential customers, and therefore the financial losses. Therefore, the agreement should be included exact date of handing over the flat to be used, and should be determined penalties for exceeding the time limit. The contract should also specify the exact information about the size of the property premises, and more importantly how it is measured. We have also made ​​clear it can affect change in size of the property on rent. Especially, if at the time of signing the lease investment is in the construction phase.

You should also refer to the operating costs in order to know who, what and how much you pay. Not every industry is characterized by high consumption of media, but there are some that will use significant amounts of electricity or water, and you should know who pays for it. The agreement should also find details concerning termination ahead of time. In particular, the details of how the amount of the penalty for breaking the contract or the reasons that allow you to break the contract without any consequences for the tenant. These are the reasons such as preventing access to the premises, contrary to the contract standard of the local and the like inconveniences that may hinder or prevent us doing business.


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