Removing pimples on the back

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Pimples on the back are connected with hormone disorders. They often occur in girls, as well as boys at puberty, when there are rapid  hormone changes. Androgens cause the sebaceous glands to stimulate activity.

Seatory / photo on flickr

Seatory / photo on flickr

Therefore, the gland begins to produce large amounts of tallow, and this leads to the formation of seborrhea. This is followed by obturation of sabaceous glands. In such cases anaerobic bacteria begin to proliferate, which causes the first signs of acne on the back (blackheads). Pimples are a very serious problem especially of teenagers who want to look nice. Blackheads can cause a young person a lot of shame, for example, during physical education classes, as exposed skin can be seen, or in the summer, in the pool, on the beach during vacation.

Pimples on the back can lead young people to psychological problems, and even depression. A yeast has a very good effect on the treatment of acne blackheads. This could be baker’s yeast, but brewer are better . Yeast contain in its ingredients B vitamins, lots of minerals. They help to regulate the operation of the sebaceous glands. The mask with yeast can be prepared. If pimples do not look scary, you can use the spot wraps with onions. For this purpose, onion should be cut in halves and applied on the back.

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