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Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Plans for houses and flats can be divided into two groups, which vary in price and functionality. Most projects are desirable, of course, made to order, and in fact they are the most functional and practical, and well-managed by the available space.

Axe.Man / photo on flickr

Axe.Man / photo on flickr

While the design is always custom made to our request and you do not want too much change, each project enables repeatable change. The changes that we make are really different, for example, different construction materials, or a completely different arrangement of walls, doors or windows. Generally speaking, every modification has certain consequences. Change of building materials can carry excessive heat loss of home. The change in ventilation and position of windows can disrupt airflow, which can cause mildew. Changing the fireplace location, may be associated with the fact that we need to change position of the roof, and so we may need to change the height of the roof, which does not always allow us in local development plans.

The least invasive the modifications are, the less the risks. On the other hand, if there will be too little, people will have less privacy, which in the long run it is very annoying. With the changes in the projects to be considered, the best are those small and non-invasive. We can transform the entire project, because the place is completely non-functional, and it would be better to avoid that. If you cannot find the project for yourself, it is best to spend a little more money and purchase a custom design from which we will be much happier.

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