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Rehabilitation benefits are a special kind of cash, which hopefully will never let you dear reader touch. If, however, the misfortune happens, it will be good to get properly informed. When someone runs out of sick pay and is still unable to work, the sickness benefit will be cut off. This does not mean that we will be without any money. We can apply for the so-called rehabilitation services.

Sister72 / photo on flickr

Sister72 / photo on flickr

The provision of Benefit claiming prepare the following documents and forms:

-Proposal for Social Security Np-7

-Social Security Form N-10 filed by the employer

-Social Security Printing N-9 completed by the physician and the accompanying test results and diagnosis

-Social Security-Certificate Z-3

-Protocol of damaged, the card case or the decision on confirmation of an occupational disease if any of these documents concern us

-A medical certificate on the state of pregnancy if it is causing the application for the provision of

Documentation as befits the official printed matter is unclear and unnecessary complicated, but you can easily fill it by searching the web templates and explanation on each form. Let’s get down to the facts. The rehabilitation benefit can be received only when you promise improving your health as a result of rehabilitation or the time that can restore the ability to work. This must be confirmed by massacre Doctor Social Security-Certificate. Benefit period is dependent on the duration of the rehabilitation and restoration of the ability to work, but cannot be longer than 12 months. Provision has a height of 75% of the base amount of sickness benefit. There are a few exceptions. Provision may be up to 100% above the base, but only when the disability was due to occupational illness, accident at work, on the way to or from work, or if the inability is for the period of pregnancy. However, we do not receive benefits if we are on retirement, pension for disabled, unemployment or periods when the employee shall be entitled for compensation.

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