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Apparently, thanks to this diet Jennifer Lopez after having a baby soon dropped as much as 25 pounds and returned to the size and appearance almost identical to before pregnancy.

Even if this information is thick and it is an exaggeration, this diet, developed by Dr. Duncan Piere’a found a lot of fans who are using it lost a lot of weight. Its extraordinary popularity lies in the fact that it is not unpleasant and demanding sacrifices, you only need to show a bit of self-control and follow the instructions for each of the four stages in which the diet protein.

In the first we have to prepare our body to speed up metabolism, as we have about 10 days and that is achieved through the adoption of large amounts of food every day. In the next stage, which continues to effect or achieving planned weight, alternately eat for 5 days of protein-containing products, and later for the next five days- vegetables.

When weight already shows enough kilograms as we wished for, we may pass to the main phase – consolidation of the result, which is obtained by 10 days lost per kilogram. During this time, a diet enriched with large amounts of fruits, breads and starches. The last stage of the diet is the stage of stabilization, in which we eat normally, but remember that one day a week to eat hard, as in the first phase. To this must be constantly aware of appropriate hydration, it is suggested to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

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