Proper cleaning of floor panels

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The panels are quite fragile and you need to put every effort into protecting them from scratches, splashing with chemicals or flooding. In order to clean the panels you can use a moistened mop or a cloth.

Photo credit: planetoftheweb / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: planetoftheweb / Foter / CC BY

You can buy whole panel cleaning sets, which consist of brushes and a complete set of cleaning products. Such products should have anti-static properties, thanks to which the surface of the panels is not electrified. There is no way of restoring damaged laminated panels. You can only buy new ones. That is why it is worth buying high quality panels that will be durable.

Expensive panels are resistant to various scratches, chemical splashing, cigarette burns or even hot grease. Floor panels made of wood can be restored by sanding them. This most often leads to removing or changing the color of the varnish layer. Sometimes you can grind the top layer of the wooden surface. Sanded surface needs to be varnished or oiled or waxed. Panels with a wooden surface of at most 3 mm thickness cannot be restored with the above method. You can once more matte the varnish and once more paint the floor panels. Wooden panels can be waxed with a special glistening product which will make them shine and deepen their color.

The most time consuming care is connected with panels that have been oiled or waxed. Panels can be restored by additional waxing. Each next waxing strengthens the panel surface. It creates a strong layer that is resistant to dirt. Joints between the panels can be filled in with special wax that will make them insulated.

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