Prohibited clauses in agreements with the developer.

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In our country, the buyer of various goods and services are protected by the office of the Customer and Consumer Protection. One of the main things that the data we are to help the register of prohibited clauses that contains all the elements of contracts that should not be included in any document.

See-ming Lee 李思明 SML / photo on flickr

See-ming Lee 李思明 SML / photo on flickr

The register covers many different contracts, documents and regulations (eg online stores). By law, any document relating to sale / purchase does not contain such a clause. It is impossible to give the current list of clauses for the time being added and old ones are changing. And their record is available at the OCCP, where you can also read the latest updates and changes. This is worth doing if you’re an entrepreneur, but also a pre-contract with the developer.

Please note that the apartment is an expense of hundreds of thousand, which is a considerable sum. So let’s spend more time reading the Register of Prohibited Clauses to know that some of the clauses restricting our rights simply do not have the right to exist. If we find out after the fact of signing the agreement that contains illegal clauses do not need to worry. It may never come to this, that we have to work towards regulated by the point of the contract. However, if this happens you should first submit an application in a particular case to the developer and to wait for his reaction. If it is negative, we the clause at the time of signing the agreement was in the register of prohibited clauses and as such is inadmissible. If that does not work we can enforce their rights in court.

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