Products for polishing floors

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Wax and polymer dispersions are used to secure and polish various stone, PVC, wood surfaces or tiles. They can be used as agents for coating floors.

Photo credit: pareeerica / Foter / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: pareeerica / Foter / CC BY-NC


They are resistant to abrasion and disinfectants. They have a great ability to fill pores. They make the surface look beautiful, shiny, including the “spilled water” effect and also provide anti-slippery properties. Polymer-based products are also used for floor polishing. They are supposed to be used for securing and polishing linoleum floors, PVC, lastrico, marble and tarkete surfaces.

They should especially be used on surfaces that are used most often, i.e. communication lines, public places and so on. They create permanent, shiny layers, which are protected from wearing off and from disinfective products. They do not cause the floor to be slippery. Modern polishing products are of very high quality. They make floor panels resistant to sediments and you do not need to wax the floor after cleaning. All dirt and dust are very easily cleaned. Products used for polishing floor paneling, wooden floors, are used in the same way: they use special formulas that make all polished layers not overlap and therefore it is not necessary to clean them off in the future with special detergents.

Polishing liquids contain natural wax and are perfect for cleaning and protecting wooden, ceramic, varnished, artificial (PVC) floors, as well as paneling. They have polishing and anti-static properties. They make the floors shine a little and leave a pleasant, long-lasting odor. In order to make the floors even more shiny, wipe the surface with a dry cloth after cleaning.

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