Probiotic Diet

Posted: December 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, an American dermatologist said in his book that lifestyle diseases such as obesity are caused by inflammation in the body.


Such inflammation can be prevented and by the way even lose weight, using a proper diet that does not rely on the fact that carefully account for every calorie eaten, but it is a bit easier. Perricone suggests that during the day we should eat 2 or 3 servings of foods that are probiotics or prebiotics, significantly increase the proportion of fruits and vegetables in our diet that we should eat five times a day, as well as marine fish, nuts and seeds.

This diet will lead to loss 4 kg of weight in one month. It will also improve our appearance, because the diet is also rich in antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals in our bodies, vitamin C, which prevents the formation of wrinkles and yellow dyes such as lutein and even zeaxatyna, which are responsible for the formation of collagen and elastin, and because of it, for smoothing skin and reducing wrinkles.

Every morning we should drink a glass of warm water with lemon, which will stimulate our digestive system and cleanse the body, during the day we should drink at least 8 glasses of water and provide your body with Omega 3 fatty acids, which improve skin hydration, do not drink sweet and carbonated drinks, we should also significantly reduce drinking coffee.

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