Preparing Christmas decoration

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Tradition during Christmas in Polish homes and other countries is to dress a Christmas tree, and preparing decorations. To make Christmas decorations you can involve children, and they will certainly have a lot of fun.

 Photo credit: -sel / / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: -sel / / CC BY-NC-SA

Most Decorations include decorative stars, Christmas lights, chains, artificial snow, and glitter. Table decorations for Christmas Eve often include Star of Bethlehem which is a beautiful and very decorative plant. The Christmas table very looks beautiful with flowers and they work well with white cloths. With the wonderfully decorated tables, the food will certainly taste better. Another Christmas tradition are gifts, and nicely packaged can be a pleasant surprise.

Easter decorations we use are: candles, lambs of sugar Easter eggs, flowers, bouquets, woven baskets, ornaments: such as birds and rabbits. The most popular and the most traditional decoration associated with Easter are eggs. They are made in Poland very often, in different regions of the country. Their story began in ancient Mesopotamia. In Poland, the oldest eggs were found on the island Ostrówek, and they came from the tenth century. Those were made using a wax technique.

Egg decorated that way was inserted into the vinca and dyed. After staining, the wax was scraped off. After 966 years this practice was banned, because it was associated with the pagan cult of the dead. The egg symbolized and still symbolizes the beginning of a new life. From the twelfth century, the egg was introduced again, but it must have been preceded by a special prayer. This way, the Church turned the tradition of eggs to an Easter symbol of rebirth, and therefore of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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