Pleasant gels for intimate hygiene

Posted: August 11th, 2013 | Author: | Body Care

Every woman should take care of good intimate hygiene. Gels with extracts of chamomile and oak bark are very healthy. These are soft gel products, made up of natural ingredients, which restore normal pH of the skin, and ensure long lasting comf

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Dermatologically tested cosmetics can be used every day. They are safe for sensitive skin and do not cause irritation, do not contain soaps or salts. Such gels contain mild extracts of chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing, as well as extracts from the bark oak, contain substances that prevent infection, irritation, redness, abrasions. Delicate substances in gels enhance the natural bacterial flora, provide long-lasting freshness and comfort.

Intimate gel with marigold extract, act preventively, regenerating, slightly antibacterial, and a relaxant, relieve menstrual cramps. The gels can be used in children’s bath time, because they act clearly soothing. The drug stores of cosmetics offer with more intimate care cosmetics for women and men.

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