Phising – what it is and how to protect ourselves from it?

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We live in a fear of the electronic criminals who at times seem to be able to computerize all without leaving their homes. However, even the most skilled hackers often agree on a statement that the weakest link in security is the human.

atelier-ying / photo on flickr

atelier-ying / photo on flickr

Therefore, often it happens that instead of breaking passwords and breaking through security, it’s best just to fool people, because they are often tired, distracted or simply naive. No one and nowhere teaches us how to behave in the digital world and what under any circumstances we should not do. Phising is very well-known since the beginning of Internet fraud that is still running and it’s pretty good. It is based on the fact that in some way it encourages people to provide their username and password. This is usually done by specially crafted e-mails or phones. Sometimes there are websites that look exactly like the original and authentic ones. When you enter your password to them, then it shall be sent to the fraudster.

So if you receive an e-mail asking you to login to the bank and the link to the login page, it is better not to click and forward the same message to customer service. Therefore, always make sure that the site address directs us into correct link and e-mail address of the received message is not some kind of weird. If you have any, even the slightest doubts, you should contact customer service. It is also clear that not everyone will give your login and password. Even the employees of the bank who will call us. The only slogan that we can give the phone a predetermined password for telephone contact.

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