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Posted: December 8th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Perhaps around any diets did not accumulate so big amount of controversy, which raises the optimal diet invented by Dr. Kwasniewski.

In short, the diet consists in eating large quantities of fat, but refrain from eating carbohydrate meals therefore should consist of a large amount of meat, most of the fat, and pork or duck, for the most desirable elements of the diet come other things like not to associate with healthy eating, such as lard, butter, milk fat and dairy and meat offal and jelly. To reduce the amount of carbohydrates, you should not eat sweets and sugar, honey and flour-based foods, all kinds of bread, whether white or dark and sweet and fizzy drinks. Dr. Kwasniewski recommends eating two or three meals during a day.

During application this diet, at the beginning weight comes down, but it significantly improves the well-being, but nutritionists say that continued use of the type of food can lead to an increase in the “bad” cholesterol, and lower levels of “good”, so that the long a person staying in the optimal diet is becoming increasingly exposed for atherosclerosis in the blood vessels. Unfortunately, the effects of this diet may be seen for a long time, even years, therefore, the diet may be used only temporarily, if we want to be on a safe diet.

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