One day diet for the flat belly

Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This diet is a great solution for people who have problems with unwanted centimeters in the waist, for example, after Christmas big to celebrate Christmas, Easter, or after the winter, during which it is always very easy to take some weight.

Diet is lightning fast so basically cleansing diet, which is only a side effect of weight loss, usually at the level of one kilogram. Thanks for the described diet, your belly for certain will enhance with the feeling of lightness and energy with which the morning to start the day. Its use is very simple, just because the whole day it is enough to drink non-carbonated mineral water to which we should, but this is not mandatory, add the chopped parsley, the operation of which will strengthen the diuretic effects of diet, decoctions of various vegetables and freshly squeezed fruit juices and carefully selected herbal infusions. Of course, if you suffer from diseases related to the digestive system or urinary tract, we should give up this diet and to choose different option, less rigorous.

The purpose of cleansing diet for a flat stomach is to remove accumulated toxins out from the body, while the light weight loss, about 1 kilogram is by the way. You should also be aware that after such a flat stomach diet will result in a greater degree of purification and the lack of bloating than actual reduction of the circuit, and that as a result of a return to old eating habits this effect can quickly disappear.

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