Norwegian diet

Posted: December 8th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This diet naturally comes from Scandinavia and was developed by nutritionists from Oslo. This is a very radical diet, which, however, gives excellent results, allowing you to lose up to 10 pounds in 14 days of its duration.

This type of diet affects positively on the rate of metabolism in the body, thereby further accelerating weight loss. This is not an offer for everyone, because it is heavily burdening the body, therefore it is recommended only in healthy individuals, in addition to frequent problem is that the recommendations, or not eating any illegal products, otherwise the diet must be started again.

Diet minimizes the use of salt and lays the emphasis on eating grapefruits and boiled egg, it is also allowed to eat salads with celery, carrots, tomato and pickles. However, you need to remember, that you mustn’t add the dressing to the salads. It is also allowed to eat meat, but only easily digestible, such as chickens and other poultry, and fishes, it is imperative make them to refrain from frying, grilling, and is allowed to barbecue them, but no fat.

If we are talking about drinks, it is forbidden to drink colored, sweetened and especially carbonated drinks, mineral water is recommended in amounts of about 2 liters per day, while drinks such as coffee or tea should not be sweetened and they should not include cream.

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