New Year’s Must-have, what to take with you to the party

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Accessories

For New Year’s Eve you prepare for days or even weeks in advance. We rsvp to the party, and afterwards we are looking for the perfect outfit and spend long hours at the hairdresser and beautician. But what to take to the party to make sure you look beautifully? There are a few  little things that are worth to take with you for New Year’s Eve party.

kevin dooley / photo on flickr

kevin dooley / photo on flickr

Bring your cosmetics. It can always something happen to your makeup which you put on so carefully just before the party. In your bag you  should be able to find a matting powder that will allow you  to keep the shine free skin even after an fast paced dance on the dance floor, you can also include the matting tissue. Do not forget to bring handkerchiefs, which are useful in many situations, both in the toilet, as well as at the table. However, if you want your lips to  look charming and sensual all the time, bring your lipstick and use it after  each meal.

You should also stock up on eyeliner and mascara to improve eye make-up , if slightly faded. Good to have is also  a small first aid kit. You should find there  painkillers. It may yet happen that you get a headache, but that not necessarily must ruin your fun during the New Year’s Eve. You should also include in the bag a medicine for heartburn,  just in case something from New Year’s Eve menu hurts your sensitive stomach. Get some bandages for blisters, because even from most comfortable shoes you can get blisters, especially when you plan to dance the night away. If you are wearing for New Year’s Eve a short dress, you absolutely cannot forget about extra pair of tights. This way you will not feel uncomfortable, if you get a hole.

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