New Year’s Eve Long Hairstyle ideas

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While going to a New Year’s Eve ball you want to look special and unusual. And there is nothing better that alters our image as a new hairstyle. If your hair is long, you have plenty of opportunities for trendy hairstyles for New Year’s Eve. Here are some of the most interesting of them.If you wear straight, smooth hair every day, and you want to change it beyond recognition on the New Year’s Eve – curl it up!

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Helga Weber / photo on flickr

Both gentle waves, and springs are extremely trendy this season. Choose the hairstyle, which will emphasize the shape of your face and your character. Curls can be worn both let down and fancy pinned. To add  a little New Year’s Eve character, spray them with the  glitter or clip it with fancy pin studded with rhinestones. Here is a proposition for a trendy, twisted hair, perfect for New Year’s Eve party with friends. Use a curling iron and collect your hair on the back, letting some strands to be untied.  This hairstyle fits every shape of  face.

Another hairstyle that will never go out of fashion and is perfect for the long hair is a bun. Bun can be done in many different variations, can be  smooth and elegant, as well as fancifully giddy. On New Year’s Eve you should combine these two styles and create a classy, but at the same time fun up do. To make such a loose, yet stylishly-looking bun, crank up the curling iron and hair bundle at the back inserts, allowing some strands “slip away” from the pinning. Such kind of hairstyle will fit virtually all face shapes. If you have nice features and you want to expose, Comb hair smooth to Contain  back and a small, sleek bun or ponytail, which despite appearances fits even the sumptuous balls. We advise how to do it step by step elegant bun and its more relaxed version. First, carefully smooth the hair with a hair straightener or a thick, round brush. Then tying the strands of the so-called “Agate” or collect hair in advance and’re tying it in a ponytail. Pin pony at the bottom, and the other, lower hair split into 2 parts and wrap them around the resulting bob. Hairdo bundle inserts.

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