New Year’s Eve in the open air – a fun way to welcome the New Year

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Although New Year’s Eve weather is generally unpleasant, with temperatures below zero, many people still are choosing to welcome the New Year under the stars. Fun and exciting atmosphere can make you  in a moment to forget about the cold. If you live in one of the larger cities, certainly on the market in the city center there will be organized concert to welcome the New Year.

Photo Extremist / photo on flickr

Photo Extremist / photo on flickr

If you never had the opportunity participate in this event, and this year you have no idea how to spend New Year’s Eve, you should go for such an urban New Year’s Eve. You will listen live to the most stars, watch dance shows, and performances by well-known cabaret. Often there are organized  interesting contests with prizes. Towns are getting better and better ideas to draw the largest crowd. Or maybe you should organize New Year’s Eve  outdoors with friends? If you live in a smaller town or in the countryside, you have the advantage to and organize a huge bonfire and sleigh ride.

Fun will be as hot and exhilarating as the best banquet halls.. Just get marshmallows and other snacks for fireplace, champagne and thermos with hot drinks. You can also buy firecrackers and organize your own fireworks display, which will be viewed in the open air, and not from a window.  New Year’s Eve in the open air  can be spent with the loved one. All you have to find is some mountain or hill, on which, or in the vicinity you can be easily reach by car. Provide yourself with blankets, a bottle of champagne, snacks, warm drinks thermos and admire the fireworks display from the top of a hill. This way to spend New Year’s Eve will definitely be memorable and magical.

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