New Year’s Eve in an exotic country

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When we spend every New Year’s Eve in a similar way; for example the lavish ball or, an event with friends, at home with the family, we may want some change after a while. Such a variation isto farewell the old year on the one of exotic beaches. However, everything has its pros and  cons. Explore the benefits of spending New Year’s in an exotic country.

ukgardenphotos / photo on flickr

ukgardenphotos / photo on flickr

Surely, the great advantage of a such a trip would be an opportunity to learn about a new country, its monuments, culture, and experience an unforgettable adventure. On the other hand, if we do not know the culture and customs of the country, after arrival we can have an unpleasant surprise when we find out, for example that in this country New Year’s Eve is celebrated on a different day of the year. Regarding the cons of trips to the tropics, as one of the first  is their price.

That’s right, for this journey you often have spend the whole, hard earned monthly wage, and sometimes even more. And during the New We are therefore forced to tighten our belts. However,  it happens very often that a week’s stay in a holiday resort in your own home country  may cost us more than a little shorter trip abroad. Who does not dream of soaking in the sun on a beach, listening to the soothing sound of the sea, especially during typical winter weather? Certainly many of us would love to get out of the winter weather even for one day and tan under the sun of Egypt. However, such a radical change in climate is not for everyone. Those of us who are more sentimental will miss the  New Year’s Eve, spent at home, covered with white snow.

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