Motivating employees with PPE

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Although, unfortunately, not every company discovered that and some people prefer to pay the national minimum and have a huge turnover of employees, many businesses is well aware of that, regardless of the industry they are, and these companies retain best and experienced staff.

Images_of_Money / photo on flickr

Images_of_Money / photo on flickr

The employee is happy when their work receives equitable remuneration. If that will guarantee a different kind of additional packages, they will feel much better at work, and thus much less likely to be thinking about changing the place of employment, and work will be more efficient. Keep in mind, that a person working gains experience and knowledge at the time when the employee leaves the company takes time, sometimes leaves to the competition, which is an additional disadvantage. One of the packages that can be offered to the employee’s Employee Pension Plan. The contribution to the fellowship is discharged by the employer, and if it do not exceed 7% of gross pay, it is exempt from the load Security and can be included as an expense for tax purposes.

What is the purpose of this for employee? First of all, the extra money at a time when they retire. It should also be noted that this is a tax-free income. Not only that, in most contracts a provision that collected in the EPP employee may transfer funds to another fund within the same insurance company. This can be done, for example, when an employer decides not to conduct PPE or change job. This allows us to continue saving for retirement even if you change employers on slightly different terms. EPP is a great way to motivate employees, because not only they feel valued by the employer, but they are aware that someone cares about their future and they will not be condemned to starve when they retire, what provides them social security.

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