Methods for beautiful eyelashes

Posted: August 9th, 2013 | Author: | Beauty

A good way to regenerate eyelashes is application of eyelash conditioner. At the  drugstores you can buy different types of conditioners for the eyelashes. Components included in coditioners let you avoid losing eyelashes even if you make up them every day.

Michele Catania / photo on flickr

Michele Catania / photo on flickr

There are effective home ways  to strengthen the lashes. Just apply small amount of oil, or petroleum jelly with a cotton swab or cotton bud on the lashes (you should do it very gently and carefully to prevent to damage eyes and do not apply these substances into eyes accidentally). Petroleum or petroleum jelly we apply only on the lashes.

Healthy eyelashes, can be painted with mascara to look  romantic and seductive. It is important that you shouldn’t wait to long to take care of your eyelashes until they become weak, thin, brittle and until they start falling out. Thickening mascara or eyelash extensions are treatments can be made on healthy lashes. They improve the appearance of eyelashes, but may weaken the natural hair around the eyes. Complete elimination of these hair can make a woman would look like a caricature.

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