Mediterranean diet

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Perhaps the most famous diet in the world. Who has not heard about the beneficial health effects of olive oil added to almost any dish with vegetables from the southern countries and tasty, healthy citruses?

Mediterranean diet

It can not be coincidence that just Corsicans, Sicilians or Greeks live to 100 years in good health, while an inhabitant of Germany, Polish or age is quite unthinkable, mainly due to our disastrous national diet. So let’s switch to a diet of Italians, Spaniards, and other southern European nations, who have long known what is good for health.

The basis of this menu are unsaturated fats, which we start to add to meals, at the beginning we may have problems with bloating, but these will pass quickly as your body gets used to the new diet. Unsaturated fats are not only less stress on the heart and to our entire circulatory system, but also help in burning the fat accumulated in the body as well as the holding in check our appetite.

Within a month, the Mediterranean diet can lose up to 8 pounds, if only we try to follow the rules, which do not exceed the maximum daily values for the energy of food, ranging from 1400 to 1600 calories. For the sake of our health, the diet should be combined with some form of regular exercises, for example, we can start to run, swim, or ride a bike.

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