Massaging and smoothing of your neckline

Posted: August 11th, 2013 | Author: | Body Care

In spring and summer it is worth to present well-maintained, beautiful cleavage. A nice neckline looks beautiful with short tops, blouses unbuckled with cutouts, dresses with straps. Skin on neck contains a small amount of cells, glands and it copes poorly with adverse environments.

Pollobarba / photo on flickr

Pollobarba / photo on flickr

In summer, women often forget to care for their necklined properly. It is good to  take care of the neck every day, moisturize it with lotions, put special olives on the skin of cleavage. Thanks to that the skin is subtle, delicate, silkya and very smooth. Strong sunlight, harsh wind can irritate skin. Oils and body lotions prevent the formation of cleavage wrinkles and stretch marks on the body.

Oils, creams and lotions should also be rubbed into the skin bust with nutritional creams with content of hyaluronic acid, AHA acids, glycerin, vitamin E, allantoin and D-panthenol are good to take care of the neck and breast. Modern cosmetics, designed for the care of the bust area, including ingredients that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and prevents sagging skin, tighten and model breasts. Massage of breasts in the shower or after a bath should be also performed.

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