Massage firming your body

Posted: August 10th, 2013 | Author: | Beauty, Body Care

A professional beautician can make a special massage that will wonderfully firm your body. Before the beaurician interviews the patient, she shall also inform about the indications and contraindications for the implementation of such treatment, then client should change into a thin and very comfortable bathrobe. / photo on flickr / photo on flickr

The massage is performed on a special massage bed to which a special head is attached. This massage is performed either on the feet or on head. Before each massage, drink a cup of water. You must not eat anything an hour before a massage. The effects of this treatment can be seen after applying three to five treatments. Massage causes skin firming, improves circulation, stimulates the weakened muscles, improves flexibility of skin and subcutaneous tissue, it tones thighs and buttocks, abdomen and arms.

Beautician adjusts number of treatments individually to each patient. It is linked to the needs of the individual person, as well as the degree of advancement of cellulite and skin damage. This massage is recommended in the accumulation of falling, a little flabby skin and tissue, for example, after pregnancy and intensive weight-loss.

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