Lilac flower mask for oily skin care

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Many people have problems  infections, inflammation, with oily skin, eczema, or tired skin.

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Recipe for a mask with lilac flowers

To prepare masks from lilac flowers you will need the following ingredients:

  • three tablespoons of dried elderberry flowers,
  • a spoon of marigold petals,
  • apple
  • peach.

How to use mask

Pour three tablespoons of dried elderberry flowers and a spoon of marigold petals to boiling water and mix thoroughly. Then wait until this mixture cools down. Apple and peach should be washed thoroughly, then peeled. In a large and deep dish mash the peach with a fork to get a uniform mass. Grate the apple thoroughly and add to peach flesh. Combine all of the above ingredients together and mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mass. Apply the mask on your face for about 20 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm milk, or spring water. You can also wash the mask bottled carbohydrate water. Alternatively, you can also wash your face with warm boiled water, or cold. If your face is dry, you can apply a mild moisturizing cream.

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