Cinnamon mask for getting rid of pimples

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A lot of girls have trouble with acne, pimples and skin impurities.

cinnamon mask

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Recipe for cinnamon mask will help to eliminate acne and pimples

To prepare masks with cinnamon you will need the following ingredients:

  • four table spoons of cinnamon powder,
  • four tablespoons of honey.

How to use mask

The method of preparation is very simple. Just mix thoroughly cinnamon and honey, then put the prepared mask on your face. Apply the mask especially in those places where there is acne. The mask with cinnamon for pimples should remain as long as possible on the face. You can even sleep with the mask. In the morning wash your face thoroughly with swabs soaked in milk, or non-carbonated mineral water. A mask can be cleaned with warm, boiled water as well. This mask is very simple to make and effective for acne. This beauty treatment can be repeated as often as needed. The mask with cinnamon may be used by women of all ages, all year round. Because some people are allergic to cinnamon, before applying the mask over the entire surface of the face, you can test the performance on a small area of skin. If irritation does not appear on this small piece of skin, the mask certainly can be applied to the entire face.

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