Mask from cucumbers, strawberries and apples

Posted: August 9th, 2013 | Author: | Beauty

Quite thin slices of fresh cucumber can be placed directly on the clean, previously cleansed face. This mask affects very well on the skin that is red and dried, works for bleaching, as well as moisturizing. Causes skin regeneration. The skin after using the mask is radiant, refreshed and looking young.

practicalowl / photo on flickr

practicalowl / photo on flickr


A mask with finely chopped cucumbers, from the crushed strawberries and finely chopped apples, mixed with three, large tablespoons of olive oil and cream will have great effect. The mask will improve mood, refreshes the skin, moisturize it and grease it. Once doing the mask, there should be applied  moisturizing cream on the skin (associated with a type of skin). Creams that contain protection against the harmful effects of radiation of UV are very good.

Throughout the year, use cleansing and moisturizing treatments for skin. Washing the face with chamomile teas refreshes skin very nicely, soothes irritations, removes excess fat from the skin, extremely moisturizes. Regular using of masks stop the aging process, prevents formation of wrinkles. It is worth to take care of the skin systematically to retain youth as long as possible.

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