Mask from apples and corn flour for gray and tired skin

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Problems – gray, tired skin with wrinkles.

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Recipe for a mask from apples and corn flour

To prepare the mask you will need the following components:
one ripe apple,
one raw cucumber,
one ripe peach
one ripe avocado,
seven tablespoons of cornstarch
ten drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

How to use the mask

Peel the apple and the cucumber and then grate them in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Put the ingredients into a large deep dish. Peel the peach and avocado and then mash them with a fork in a bowl to create a smooth paste. Add seven tablespoons of cornstarch and ten drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous slurry.

Apply the mask on your face for about 20 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm milk, or spring water. The The mask can also be washed with carbohydrate mineral water, or boiled water warm or cold. You can spread a gentle moisturizing cream on the cleansed face. This mask softens, refreshes and nourishes the skin. Thanks to it, the skin is firm and looks healthy.

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