Mandatory clean up once a week

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Usable rooms in flats, offices or studies should be systematically cleaned, i.e. at least once a week. It is crucial for the sake of keeping the place clean and fresh. It is particularly important for people who are allergic, who are susceptible to various adverse effects of being exposed to dust.

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Such rooms need to be dusted systematically, once a day if possible. In Poland there are two significant holiday periods a year in which people tend to clean their houses extensively. Try encouraging all members of your family to participate in it, so that the cleaning is done faster and more efficiently. Cleaning before such holidays should be planned earlier and with plenty of time allocated to this end, i.e. a week during which you can systematically clean each and every room.

While cleaning up it is worth moving the furniture away in order to eliminate webs, dust and other dirt that accumulated there. Wipe thoroughly bathroom and kitchen fittings. Ventilate the rooms, wash the curtains and blinds. Cleaning should be planned in such a way, so that you do not perform all activities within one or two days, because this will cause back pains and other health problems. Kitchen is a place where there are lots of cupboards, kitchen cabinets; all those places need to be carefully checked and cleaned. The fridge and the oven are also facilities that need special care while cleaning.The bathroom also requires much attention if you want to clean it properly. The shower cubicle with all its walls has to be cleaned thoroughly, as well as the water-closet that accumulates scale with time.

Thanks to proper cleaning products that can be bought at stores, such cleaning can be done quickly and effectively. Use them to get the desired results. Air fresheners placed at various places can help you spend pleasant time in rooms.

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