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Posted: August 10th, 2013 | Author: | Beauty, Body Care

Every woman dreams of beautiful, starry-eyes. Good makeup can make that eyes look as if they are larger than they are indeed. Turning up the eyelashes can be done with a good  eyelash curler, it is really important if you wanty to visually enlarge your eyes.

pumpkincat210 / photo on flickr

pumpkincat210 / photo on flickr

To do so, use a simple, metal eyelash curler. It is worth to use special eyelash mascara  extender in order to thicken them optically.  Pencil (eye pencil) will help to cratch the eye shape. Thanks do this this your eyes will be more clear and optically magnified. On the upper eyelid you can apply several shades of eye shadow. From the darkest shade of the outside of the eye, to the brightest in the direction of an eyebrow.

At the eyebrows you can put a bright shade to add a nice look to the whole eye. Artificial eyelashes, long and curled will enlarge your eyes very much.   Note that if you cover the inside of the eye with black crayon it will reduce them optically, and by applying inside eyelid a white crayon, you can optically enlarge the eye. The symmetrical shape of the eyebrows balances the look of the whole face and emphasizes individual characteristics. Well-shaped eyebrows’ arch can make the woman look younger.

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