Macrobiotic diet

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This type of diet is a hundred years old, it was founded in 1911 as a medical reference to the Far East, especially China.

Macrobiotic diet

If the diet is properly carried out, so within a period of two weeks you with its help to get rid of up to five pounds, but it is also potentially dangerous, as it can even lead to an anemia, general weakness, dizziness, and in extreme cases even fainting.

The group of people who can’t apply this diet include: pregnant women, women with menopause, as well as the children, youth, people with osteoporosis and having the problems of bioavailability of vitamins, as well as hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal disease, nephrolithiasis, and the heart and circulatory system. The diet is designed to be used for a maximum period of two months and at the end, even if we feel good, we should not continue it.

Macrobiotics is 7 guiding principles to which you have to just be used if we are looking forward to its positive effects: first of all we should not eat tropical fruits when there is no season for them, the last meal we eat no later than three hours before bedtime, and ideally up to four hours, the best food is prepared in the steamer, which does not destroy vitamins and other important nutrients, which are full of such vegetables. You should also set aside fruit juices, not even mention about sweet and fizzy drinks, we should replace them by mineral water.

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