Lunar diet

Posted: December 15th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Lunar diet is to facilitate our bodies absorb the ingredients according to what is the natural rhythm of the moon.

It is especially suitable for all those people who have already tried other methods to lose weight low-calorie, but did not obtain satisfactory results, or quickly abandoned discouraged by the difficult conditions, and the lack of visible results in a short time. Lunar diet basically allows to eat all those foods that are components of our ordinary, everyday diet, but with the strict proviso that when its application is not allowed to exceed a daily limit of calories, which is 1000 for the first the first 2 weeks and 1200 for a further.

During the diet eating any sweets is strongly prohibited, we also should not overuse salt, and it would be best if we all threw it out of our diet. This type of weight loss can be divided into three stages: in the first, starting 4 days before the full moon day of start of fruits and do not eat anything until noon, in the second, in which the weight loss is appropriate and that begins with the full moon, do not exceed 1000 calories 3 meals a day, and the last, the ongoing regeneration of the new moon, until the next full, we eat meals with a total amount of 1200 calories, which according to the authors of this diet is due to the fact that when the moon comes, gradually increases the appetite and that must be satisfied.

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