Luggage insurance – what and how?

Posted: September 9th, 2013 | Author: | Travel

While going for vacation, we have to consider the fact that we will take a lot of items in the luggage. So let’s protect yourself from loss by getting a baggage insurance.

amirjina / photo on flickr

amirjina / photo on flickr

Luggage can be lost in many ways. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is theft, and of course it can happen to us. However, it happens often  that our luggage may have flown in a quite different Also,  you baggage may get damaged, so  you may want to protect. First, you need to carefully consider what should you insure. Keep in mind that not every policy will cover the expensive equipment such as electronic or digital camera, laptop, and even if,  we have to pay the extra protection that is associated with higher costs.

To make sure it is properly insured read all terms and conditions of insurance very carefully, because you may find the rule stating for example that something which for us is an obvious element, it is not considered part of the policy. What do I do if something happens and we need compensation? First of all, contact with the services that and write a statement. It could be the police, the management of the airport or the hotel. Such a declaration would be needed already in the country where you want to be compensated.

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