Lost or stolen ID and documents

Posted: August 18th, 2013 | Author: | Money

A large part of the people wear in the portfolio both cash and credit cards, as well as documents such as an identity card. Wallets, however, have this in common, that they might be lost or stolen, and it is not only the loss of cash, but also the mass of paperwork to do.

Sem Paradeiro / photo on flickr

Sem Paradeiro / photo on flickr

The first thing that comes to mind is the reservation payment and credit cards that actually carry the greatest risk and are best addressed in the first place. We also need to develop new approaches, not carrying documents can be difficult, and if we lost all the documents, the matter becomes complicated. It is in such a case to take to the bank branch documents we have, for example, a contract. They can speed up the bank’s employees.

We should also visit the Bank anyway for other purposes, namely to claim personal documents, which in some cases can also be used to take money or even to take the credit. Documents can provide in most branches. Of course, if you are confident that your belongings were stolen, we should go to the police and report as well as the documents, cards and so lost. Never should we wait, because the faster you react, the less time and freedom is a thief or a “lucky finder.”

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