Liver diet

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The liver is one of the most important organs of our body. It deals with every day neutralization of all pollutants and toxins that get into our bodies and our breath with each and every meal.

The liver is also responsible for the production of bile necessary for digestion and cholesterol. So, if you feel or believe that their way of life could damage your liver, you should consider switching to a diet that helps its to recovers and recharges for further work.

Any person who wants to repair the state of the liver can do this by application a diet, which should be to refrain entirely to alcohol, fatty meats and fried potatoes, sweets, chocolate and coffee. From the range of meats, we should choose only the most lean or fillets of turkey or chicken, and fishes. The best fats during the liver detoxification are soybean oil, sunflower oil and butter. Greasy cream that dressing soups and sauces must be replaced by natural yoghurt. Sugar necessarily have to be limited to a daily dose containing no more than 7 decagrams (you can count on the value of reading product labels), because too much can contribute to the amount of fatty liver.

Sweeteners instead of sugar tea may use, for example, honey, which cause, that our tea has got an amazing taste. Carbohydrates, so all the dishes such as pasta and bread may be up to 45 percent of the products consumed every day, but you should take care that they were not more than a total 40 decagrams.

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