Live or artificial – how to choose a Christmas tree?

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A Christmas tree is an integral part of the Christmas tradition and it is hard to imagine a celebration without a view of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. The question is, what is better to choose – a natural or artificial Christmas tree? Proponents of natural trees say, that nothing is able to replace this beautiful scent that reminds of a winter forest.

Stuck in Customs / photo on flickr

Stuck in Customs / photo on flickr

For many of them, tree straight from the forest, has a sentimental value associated with Christmas during childhood. This aroma when you lean under the Christmas tree in search of gifts left by Santa Claus … It is true that the smell of needles is wonderful and unique, especially in combination with aroma of Christmas dishes. You should, however, consider whether it is better to soak up the flavors of the forest or not contribute to its cutting. Think of how many trees must be cut, assuming that everyone wants to have a Christmas tree at home straight from the forest. Are you sure you want to add up to that? On the other hand, artificial Christmas tree it is not so eco-friendly as it sounds.

Production of plastic products is very harsh for the environment, and an artificial tree, thrown in the trash, will decompose for a very, very long time. Well, first of all, buying an artificial Christmas tree, will not create a wonderful smell of pine needles. However, there are pros of plastic trees. It is wrong to believe that artificial Christmas trees are expensive and ugly. That’s right, the natural tree is cheaper, but it must be bought each year, while the artificial tree will be used for long years. Besides, nowadays artificial tree, with ornaments, differs very little from the real one. They are dense, symmetrical, and no needles will fall off of them, after the holidays you can simply  store it away in a  basement and wait eagerly for the next year … If you choose an artificial Christmas tree, remember, it’s an investment for years. Red and white tree may look originally, but certainly after the first celebrations of  Christmas in the company of a Christmas tree like that, eventually you will start to miss green branches. It does not matter whether the tree is natural or artificial. Each of them, dressed in beautiful decorations and colorful lights will look wonderful and impressive, setting a unique, festive mood.

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