Little child’s sleep

Posted: August 9th, 2013 | Author: | Children

Infant sleep is very important for the right development. Theoretically baby sleeps about 16 hours a day with the majority sleeping at night and the rest is distributed for naps during the day. For a small nurseling there is no difference between night and day yet.

demandaj / photo on flickr

demandaj / photo on flickr

The infant does not use sleep at the same manner as adults. Most of infant’s sleep is called phase REM sleep, characterized by rapid movement of the eyeballs. During that time the child grows and his brain develops. It isn’t good if the baby’s room is not warm enough, the optimum temperature is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. At these temperatures, the child goes sick rarely. And we cannot expect a young child to sleep as much as we do and when we want, because it is most proper for us.

Every child is different and depending on how quickly it grows and at what stage of growing it is, the child is able to adjust bedtime to his own needs. But we have to give the child the the best conditions. Iis good to ensure the child calm and peace, and turn some darker lights on. If there is no need to wake up your child early for example, due to the health of the child, parents should not do it and wait until it will wake itself.


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