Lipstick stain removal

Posted: January 1st, 2013 | Author: | Stains

If the lipstick stain appeared on white cotton, rub a cotton swab saturated with ether against it.

Photo credit: Auntie P / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Then clean with 90% alcohol. If the stain is visible on the material of artificial fiber or a soft cloth, then you should lubricate it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly or butter. After a few minutes, rub the stain with a cotton swab and then clean in warm water with detergent.

Traces of lipstick are mostly present on women’s handkerchiefs. To remove them, soak the handkerchief overnight in water with salt. Per liter of water put 5 tablespoons of salt. Next day, wash the tissue in warm water with detergent.

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