Lies about e-policy.

Posted: September 9th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Policies available through the Internet are increasingly common. But unfortunately,  people do not trust them. Hence, we are presenting a variety of myths about e-policies that have nothing to do with the truth.

joiseyshowaa / photo on flickr

joiseyshowaa / photo on flickr

Let’s talk about money. It is said that a service over the Internet is cheaper and policies are therefore cheaper. Indeed, such situations do occur, but they are much less common than the fact that we get insurance for the same price. The exception here are promotions that will encourage the use of  online services. Very often it is said that the comparison contains incomplete or biased data. In fact, it happens only among minor companies with no reputation. Larger, more well-known comparison sites offer accurate up to date data, and often  allows  the purchase of selected item.

Also, you can hear from people that policies over the Internet  offered only by small and unknown companies. No business with little capital does receive the license, and most of companies specializing in e-policies are huge international insurance businesses. It is worth of checking who it belongs to. Much is said also about the security of our data. It must be remembered that the big companies are sure to have it safe up to the last button. Security vulnerabilities may happen from your computer, and from that side you must ensure the safety of your data. Because it will be not only unsafe when buying an insurance policy, but in general when using the computer.


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