Liability Insurance – how to choose?

Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Liability Insurance will be with us every year and, unfortunately,  if you have a car, you cannot wriggle out of it. The question is how to choose the right insurance policy that is tailored to our needs.

ruurmo / photo on flickr

ruurmo / photo on flickr

How to choose the right insurance? Well, first of all, the price, because, unfortunately, the scope of compulsory third party insurance is the same everywhere and is limited to the minimum required by law, if we want more protection, we should look towards AC insurance. The main factor which affects the price of the insurance company and the method of signing the contract. Some companies are simply cheaper, and sometimes ordering them over the Internet or over the phone can get us a completely different, better deal than the agent.

You should also read the terms of insurance, to know the reason why you pay more and how much. This is influenced by driver training, how long you have a driver’s license, and sometimes even the target use of the car and so on. By signing the liability insurance and going for further security by the AC policy, you should also find out if you have compulsory insurance in the company, where you get the AC and vice versa. Looking at the matter from this angle can result in much more cost efficient, than buying two individual policies in different societies.

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