Kirsch Diet

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It was worldwide exalted thanks to a top model- Heidi Klum, who thanks to her dropped excessed weight and modeled her figure.

This diet lasts for seven days, and because when each of them must eat only foods with a total caloric value of no more than 1000 calories, it is not recommended for people who have problems with the digestive system, bladder or circulatory, and even healthy people before it beginning should consult a doctor.

This diet is strictly assigned to every day foods and for example, on the first day for lunch, the patient eats baked eggplant with spices, on other days the main meal will have a fish in breadcrumbs and sesame, turkey pesto paste, salmon with vegetables, chicken in cabbage, salmon fillet or chicken mediterranean. Other meals include fruit and vegetable smoothies, stuffed peppers, salads and soups.

Meals included in the diet of David Kirch are very tasty and healthy, so their cooking and eating surely will not be associated with boredom, but you should have in themselves a great deal of self-control, especially at the beginning because it is very difficult to ignore the calls we will be in our body, which is devoid of the usual dose of energy will try to convince us that we reached for more food, and thus resigned from the diet, or have to start it all over again, from the first day.

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