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Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

What diet joined stars such as Jennifer Aniston, or Reese Witherspoon? Although in general it is difficult to believe that the two actresses had to use any diet, they used the so-called “jars diet”, which consists in the fact that instead of the normal meals for adults, we eat … purees for babies, sold in jars (the source of the name).

This diet is very convenient, because in every moment, whenever we feel hunger jar heated in the microwave and eat its contents, which comprises the vast majority of fruits and vegetables, organic and made without preservatives, sugar or salt such a diet also accustomed to eating small frequent meals. Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks of this diet – this is food prepared for children, so there are lack of many necessary elements needed by adults, except that fast eating no effect of saturation, which wants to eat more.

An additional disadvantage is the high cost of this diet – jars with baby food costs about 1,5 $ per unit, and during the day it is necessary to eat 5 or even more if we don’t want to feel hunger, all depends on lifestyle. Our attention should not be only paid on eating child food in pots, nutritionists advise that we should enrich this diet with one big “adult” dish to make up for supply necessary nutrients, such as fiber, which in food children are in little level because they cannot cope with its digestion.

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