Japanese Diet

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Its exact name sounds “Japanese diet with banana for breakfast,” the name perfectly reflects its character. It came to us, of course, from Japan, where it became famous thanks to a singer who managed to get rid of within one month seven kilograms weight through diet invented by some doctors.

Japanese Diet

Diet is based on the fact that every day for breakfast you should eat one large or two small bananas. Later, to 8 p.m. it is allowed to eat almost everything, except of alcohol, ice creams, dairy products and sweets. We can drink only carbonated mineral water at room temperature.

Japanese diet is very simple, however, prevail among nutritionists about it very different opinions, because it is part of her supporters, while another fiercely argue that bananas do not have any special features to help accelerate weight loss or they don’t cause, that the weight loss would be more effective.

Beyond a reasonable doubt bananas are beneficial to the body because they are a very important source of fiber, which helps to digest carbohydrates significantly, but most experts agree with the fact that only the yellow fruit is definitely not enough to be able to talk about the operating system effectively nutrition and stories of miraculous thin after using the Japanese diet with banana for breakfast rather put between fairy tales and advise trying out other diets, more proven on a large number of people.

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