Is the signing of the preliminary agreement need a lawyer?

Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Money

The preliminary agreement signed often when buying real estate is a document not mandatory, but its provisions shall apply to us until the moment of signing the agreement. Whether the undoubted great importance to this document, we should not ask for help in the analysis of the lawyer?

Jeremy Brooks / photo on flickr

Jeremy Brooks / photo on flickr

Personally, I think that it is enough of the law knowledge here,  and many illegal clauses in that agreement could be found. It is also already known that a few of the many templates are available on the network for such an agreement, to get to know how it actually supposed to look and what to include. Read very carefully, step by step. Pay attention to the fact that it had all the important dates, the manner and date of payment, as well as price and area. Similarly to determine whether the advance payment or deposit, how much, and whether it is part of the final price of the property.

Does this mean that we need a lawyer? It is not necessary, especially, since the purchase contract, and so will sign a notary. However, we can certainly feel safer if the person who knows his stuff will support us with their knowledge and experience in a fairly complex issues, which are the intricacies of the law and contracts. Especially when they involve large sums of money that are an integral part of buying a house or apartment.

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