Is it worth using mops?

Posted: July 3rd, 2013 | Author: | Cleaning

Professional and durable mops provide excellent cleaning results. They can be used for a long period of time, even if used often.

Photo credit: Pulpolux !!! / / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: Pulpolux !!! / / CC BY-NC

The most modern mops are made of very good, eco-friendly materials and allow you to greatly improve the standard of cleaning by making it easier and reducing the time needed to do it. Mops often come with squeezers. Foldable racks allow you to rinse and wring the mop without touching it or even bending over. Sometimes mops use cotton inserts

Advantages of the mop are the following:

  • Wide cleaning surface,
  • Even pressure to the surface,
  • Thorough cleaning along walls and edges,
  • Easy cleaning of stairs,
  • Easy wringing and rinsing with a squeezer,
  • High endurance.

Types of mops:

  • Flat, straight sponge with no water outlet
  • Flat, sponge with water outlet,
  • Cut, sponge with water outlet,
  • Flat, PVC sponge with water outlet,
  • Flat, cut, sponge with water outlet,
  • Flat 2 sponges with water outlet,
  • Flat
  • Flat – cut,
  • With a constant clasp,
  • Flat – cut, for two-sided use
  • Acrylic
  • Cotton,
  • Cotton, not sewn,
  • Cotton, sewn,
  • Sewn,
  • Cotton, cut,
  • Microfiber, classic,
  • One-sided,
  • Two-sided.

The special design of double-sided mop allows you to use its both sides and thus it can wash twice as much without the need to rinse the sponge. Dry mops collect dust well and polish the surface. They are very effective in removing the dust from different types of flooring.

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