Iodine Diet

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This type of diet can affect the produced hormones in our body, which in turn regulate how quickly and efficiently we burn fats and sugars stored in the body.

Iodine is affected by the action of which hormones are produced – a thyroid causing overproduction of thyroxine and triiodothyronine, giving the effect of faster weight loss. Iodine diet should provide our body with iodine in quantities of at least 140 – 160 ug, and the most abundant, the source are fishes and seafood.

For example, half of the herring may contain more than 5 ug of iodine, 100 g of cod and up – 300ug, the richest here are oysters – 522 ug per 100 grams. Another good delivery are dairy products like cottage cheese – 60ug/kg and eggs – 93 ug / art. It is also known that much of the iodine has vegetable- spinach – 200 ug / kg, and the stems – 60 ug / kg and parsley – 60 ug / kg. The stores is available iodized salt, but we should not exaggerate with its application, because a large amount of salt can raise our blood pressure and  in extreme cases, even lead to a pathological increase in the left ventricle.

For best results, we should eat at least two daily meals rich in iodine, for breakfast we should drink drink an infusion of seaweed or water droplets Herbaton, for lunch and dinner we should drink special mineral water, rich in iodine, and we have to also remember that every day we should eat the at least 100 mg of iodine, and optimally up to 200 ug in all products.

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