Insurance for farmers.

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Farmers are among the occupational groups are legally required to have certain types of insurance. This is due to their type of work and each person who is the holder of a farm must have a civil liability insurance policy.

josef.stuefer / photo on flickr

josef.stuefer / photo on flickr

Its main task is to cover any damages that may affect the property or persons on the farm. The policy covers accidents mainly using farm machinery, all kinds of accidents and damages caused by the fault of the farmer. The policy does not cover everything. Excluded are damages to property caused by the fault of the farmer, a person employed on farm or forming a part of the household. The exclusion list include also: not communicable diseases carried by animals, loss of cash, jewelry and other non-related risks associated with direct labor in the fields.

Having a farmer’s insurance policy is controlled by the mayor, who is responsible for the area of the farm. The farmer must have also a policy against fire and accidents. In contrast to the previous one, its function is mainly to protect the property of the farmer, and its source of income. With this policy, the owner of the farm does not stay with nothing because of a random disaster. It must be remembered that the insurance will not cover the buildings, which can be said to have been worn out. Compulsory insurance of the building occurs when the roof covers it.

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