Insurance for building a house.

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Building a house is a dream for many people. However, the performance is associated with many sacrifices, months of hard work, and with considerable risks.

stevecadman / photo on flickr

stevecadman / photo on flickr

While no one will sacrifice themselves for us, and work as hard as you, you can hire a team of construction, but the risk is always there. However, there is a way to sleep better at night, and at least protect you from financial losses that may threaten us. Of course it  is best to think about policy and purchase it at the time of pouring the foundation. Generally, accompanied by the construction of machinery and equipment and that any damage to sensitive parts of the house are not really on top of it, likely to be damaged by the forces of nature and vandals.

What can threaten us? Risks are quite a few. House under construction is very sensitive to flooding and hail. Risks of this type is quite high in our climate, and given the time to build the house we have in mind the winter and summer. Keep in mind that the tools and materials tend to be quite expensive and are a desirable prey of thieves. Construction sites are frequently their target and you should protect yourself against robbery, because it can result significant losses and delays.

Also, vandals have much easier access to our property at the time when it has no windows, doors and all the walls. People who desperately want to destroy the effect of someone else’s work, unfortunately exist, and the liquidation of consequences of their actions often costs quite a bit. Note, however, that although the policy gives us a pretty good protection against accidents, there is a chance that it does not protect us from ourselves. List of exemptions by which the insurer will not cover the damage is quite long and contains clauses that result from our negligence, ex. do not receive compensation for the stolen tools if you forgot to close the door or window in the place where they are stored.

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