Individual Retirement Accounts – what and how?

Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Savings

IRA, sometimes called the third pillar is one of the few methods of saving for retirement, not to be dependent on the money that guarantees us Social Security, which probably will not be too big and will involve the reduction of our current standard of living.

~FreeBirD®~ / photo on flickr

~FreeBirD®~ / photo on flickr

IKE insurance product is a kind of insurance policy for investment purposes, which under certain conditions is charged to income tax. IKE is a product that is not regulated in any way. it is not too good if we can have only one type of IRA account and we cannot pay within a year more than 150% of the national average gross salary.

Saving in this way  can be done in four different ways by four different institutions. Speaking of banks that run the form of IRA accounts or deposits, insurance companies that carry IKE in the form of life insurance enriched equity fund. Less popular methods are carried out by the Investment Funds that are carried out in the form of the acquisition of shares in the selected fund and brokerage companies that deposit our money using the portfolios of securities. The results of each of the methods are different and involve different risks. By far, the safest seem to be banks, but keep in mind that this will also be associated with a lower profit than the more risky methods.

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